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Shoulder Pain Resolved

I was having severe pain in my left shoulder when I moved my left arm. I could not even reach around for my wallet or raise my arm above my shoulder. This pain and immobility made me feel ancient! Lifting and carrying anything became a huge chore. I knew that if this pain and immobility continued, I would be extremely restricted in my activities.

I consulted my PCP for this condition. I was told I had arthritis and he prescribed medication. I tried ice and heat on my own, but nothing helped.

I wasn’t sure of the value of chiropractic or the benefit of long-time treatment, but after just two or three adjustments, I now have total movement of my left arm and shoulder and NO PAIN!

This office is very different from other doctors’ offices I have been to because everyone here is very positive, upbeat and caring.
Low Back Pain Success

I came to Durrett Chiropractic due to lower back pain I had for the past two years. I was familiar with chiropractic as I had been in a car accident before and had whiplash in which a chiropractor had helped. I took ibuprofen nightly just to sleep. I had trouble with chores around the house like mowing the lawn, etc. I thought the pain would go away, but after two years I realized that wasn’t going to happen.

I had decided that I was just going to have to live with the pain. My job required lots of physical labor and my hobby of riding motorcycles had become difficult. I figured my competition days were over.

As you can see I am back to my old self. On a scale of 1-10 for pain with 10 being the highest I am a 1. I feel great and can go back to doing the things I love.

Success with Chronically Sick Baby

Hi, I’m Annalise. I just turned six months old. My mom brought me in to Durrett Chiropractic and Natural Health Care Clinic because I had been sick with drainage and nose stuff for a long time. She had to suck out my nose 2-3 times a day for more than two weeks. Yuck!

Mom gave me Children’s Tylenol® every night, but it didn’t make me any better. My chest was congested and I coughed and coughed.

I went in for my first adjustment, and I was very good. Of course, I always am! The adjustment I received really cleared up my nose and chest. After two adjustments I could quit taking that medicine. Look at me now after getting some care. I’m doing great!

Beating Horner’s Syndrome

Before I came to see Dr. Durrett, I’d had friends who went, but I was scared to go myself.

I have Horner’s Syndrome (an interruption of sympathetic nerve fibers to the eye) in my left eye.  We had ruled out all known causes – tumor, cancer, etc.  My eyesight was reduced, I got eye-strain, I feared ‘wandering eye’ as the disease progressed, my left eyelid drooped, and I had uneven pupils.  My ophthalmologist just told me to ‘live with it’.

I also had lower back pain, as well as numbness in my hands.  All of that had me very discouraged.  I felt sixty years old.  I couldn’t read for very long, and my eyes watered very badly.  It really slowed me down.  I thought I would eventually lose sight in my left eye.

Since my treatment here, I feel no more eye-strain, and the numbness in my hands is almost nonexistent.  I am no longer in constant pain.

Dr. Durrett’s office is so different from other doctor’s offices I have visited in the past.  The staff is very friendly, and they remember everybody’s name!  I love Dr. Durrett!  I will be a patient for life!

Paige J. 



 Success With Shoulder Problems

In France, chiropractors are called ‘bone-setters’ – I didn’t know it  was   a science. 

I came in for pain in my left shoulder.  It had been bothering me for  two  days.   It h urt really badly, a nd it made me  feel useless, unable to do anything.  I was unable to work, unable to ride my mountain bike.  I couldn’t do anything that required the use of my left arm. 

Now, I’m back to doing everything again.  I’m not suffering anymore.

Oliver P. 


No More Allergy Suffering

I suffer from allergies, sinus infections, ear infections – I’m always sick.  The allergist I had previously seen had me on two allergy medicines, steroids, and had me avoiding all allergens.  I took my prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, ‘allergy-proofed’ my home and used a dehumidifier.

There was no improvement of my condition.  I had a hard time concentrating, and I had frequent stomach pain, all the time, all year ‘round.  I felt miserable, tired and sick.  I had become very discouraged!

When I was at my worst, I couldn’t play with my friends or go to school.  My family was worried about my health.  I couldn’t do any of my hobbies.  I couldn’t go outside to play.

Since starting my chiropractic treatment, I am completely allergy-free!  No more stomach aches. I’m sleeping better.  When I get sick, my body heals on its own – no meds!  Thank you so much!  You gave me a healthy childhood!

Noah P. 


Eczema Issues Handled

Previously, I had gone to a skin doctor for allergies and eczema.  I was given steroid cream to use during breakouts, and a prescription daily cream to use on prone spots.  While this did provide some relief from breakouts, it didn’t solve this five-years-and-counting problem.  And not all of the prescription creams worked.  It was very frustrating and discouraging.  I often found myself with extremely red, extremely itchy skin.  I felt like scratching my arms off!  I was unable to focus on anything but the outbreak.

It was embarrassing at school, when I got outbreaks on my face.  It made me very self-conscious.  I had to be careful to avoid certain types of soaps, and bubble bath.  I was afraid I was just going to have to live with it forever.

Since my treatments at Dr. Durrett’s, I haven’t had one eczema outbreak.  I haven’t even felt itchy.

Kasen J. 


Success With Back Pain

I came in for treatment of neck and shoulder pain, which an MD had previously prescribed pain pills and muscle relaxers for.  The pills reduced the pain, but I still had reduced movement in my neck and back.  Icy-hot and massages from my wife and older kids helped, but didn’t solve the problem either.

After three weeks of constant restriction of my neck and back, I felt like I couldn’t do anything; I felt like I was seventy years old.  We were installing tile at my house, and I couldn’t help as much as I should have.  My wife and kids had to do more than they should have.  At work, I couldn’t do anything but supervise.  I couldn’t look up.  I had to turn my whole body to the right or left in order to look in those directions.  I couldn’t lift anything.

After receiving treatment at Dr. Durrett’s, I improved.  I can once again do all of these activities, perform all of these motions.  Not only has my mobility been restored, but I am pain-free and have started to lose weight.

I expected results, and my expectations have been exceeded.

Jack M. 


Chronic Pain Issues Resolved

I came to the office because I was having severe lower back and leg pain that was affecting my work.  Dr. Durrett and her staff identified the physical causes of my problem, and developed a program to repair my back problems.  Here, I received very personal and dedicated care.  The whole staff is concerned with getting patients into good condition and keeping us there.

I no longer have the chronic back problems I suffered when I started, and I have also been much improved in other physical conditions.  Dr. Durrett and her staff have a full and extensive approach that embraces many various aspects of healing to encompass a total plan to get you well and fit.

I refer my friends and customers to Dr. Durrett with total confidence.  My entire family uses Durrett Chiropractic.

Ed M.


Less Pain

Thanks to Dr. Durrett and her staff, I now have less pain in my lower back, hips and legs.

I feel like the staff actually knows me.  I’m not just a person paying money – I have a life, and it matters to you.

Aubrey L.



I've been coming to the office for BRT (Body Restoration Technique) or similar procedures for several years.

I first sought help with my terrible PMS issues. BRT really helped!

Lately, Dr. Durrett and I have turned to the latest BRT-like protocol for other hormonal issues. Again, I am being helped.

What I really enjoy about Dr. Durrett is the intense personal interest she shows in me.

Unlike other doctors I see, when I talk to her, I always feel that I am the only person in her life at that moment - even though she has a long line of people there in the office to see her! How cool is that?!

Where can you find a doctor like that?! Nowhere else!

Dr. Durrett is very, very special!

Cindy C. 



Success With Autism

I wanted to share how well Corbin is doing, as you all had a BIG hand in it. I tell anyone who will listen about chiropractic and BRT, and how it truly saved my Corbie. Our family will never forget the gift you’ve given us. Okay, now I'm teary-eyed.

Corbin is doing particularly great. His speech is coming along better than I ever dreamed. The thoughts he expresses really amaze me and catch me off guard. He's very artistic and clever. It's mind-boggling to think he was in a deep, dark autistic bubble just 2 1/2 yrs ago, and could not speak or deal with the world at all before the Chiropractic and BRT treatments.

Now, he's an awesome big brother, tender and nurturing. He's a big helper too; he really helps me keep his sister out of trouble and happy. He even washes his little brother’s hair and dresses him for bed, diaper and all.

Our family will never forget the gift you’ve given us.



Relief Of Pain, More Flexibility

I could barely walk when I first came in, but I played tennis that afternoon. It would have been a real problem to not be able to sit without hurting or to get up without hurting. I could barely move without pain.

If you have back, neck or leg pain, you don't need to suffer. Dr. Durrett's staff will make you feel at home and you will have some relief immediately.

At Dr. Durrett's office they are a team. They seemed to actually be concerned about me.

Don H.


“We love you and want you to know how much we appreciate what you have done for our family.”

Allen G.


“I have fibromyalgia and have suffered with pain and fatigue for many years.

Dr. Durrett has helped me so much and I thank God for her.”

Billie L. 



“When you have a catch in your git-a-long, this is the place to come!

You LOVE coming because you get relief!”

Carol H.



My First Adjustment


Hello, My name is Justin and I was born August 23, 2005 to my mom Sarah and dad Derek.

Mom has been a patient of Dr. Durrett’s since 1997 and dad since 2000.

My mommy had a good pregnancy and has tried her best to take care of me, but my pediatrician had some concern that I had developed jaundice before leaving the hospital. The doctors finally let us come home on Aug. 25, only to have a follow-up visit every day for blood test – let me say OUCH!

Upon leaving the hospital my Jaundice count was a 10 (not bad, but not good), the next day it jumped to 14.5, the next 17, and finally 18.1 – this means it got worse every day. I was fed up with these blood tests!

Finally, my parents brought me to meet Dr. Durrett early Monday morning August 29. Mom told her about the test and results and she gave me my first adjustment. It was wonderful, I didn’t even cry! Dr. Durrett said that I had 6 subluxations, and that those subluxations could be the reason for my liver not “kicking in” fast enough.

We went later that morning to see my pediatrician again, I had one more blood test with a result of 14. He was happy to see the positive change and told my parents that we would no longer have to check for Jaundice in my blood and that it was on its way to clearing up – YEAH!

I was so thrilled to meet Dr. Durrett and I know that I can trust her even at 6 days old with the care of my spine!

Justin H.


Scoliosis Successfully Treated

Durrett Chiropractic has been an important part of our family for almost 22 years.  I knew very little about chiropractic before reading a magazine article about it in 1987.  It was mentioned as a treatment for other problems in addition to back and neck pain, including scoliosis.

Our older daughter had been treated for scoliosis by an orthopedist for many years, so when our younger daughter was also diagnosed with it, we were looking for a way to prevent progression of the condition.  On our daughter's first visit, not only was treatment for her scoliosis begun, but chronic stomach-aches and an ear infection were cleared up.

Dr. Durrett has been our whole family’s primary health care provider ever since, helping us to avoid most drugs and surgeries while guiding us to medical help when needed.  She has helped us with many common problems such as allergies, arthritis, headaches and infections, as well as more obscure conditions that would have caused less-persistent physicians to give up.

Over the years there have been a number of associate chiropractors and other staff members who have been a part of the clinic, all taught by Dr. Durrett to make patient comfort and well-being their first priority, calling us by name and being sensitive to the needs and feelings of all.  I'm especially impressed with her insistence on continuing education for herself, her staff and patients, continually finding new and better ways to improve our health.

Some of my friends think I'm weird or even foolish for refusing to follow the advice of mainstream medicine to a life dependent on drugs and surgeries, but many others have followed my example, coming to Dr, Durrett's clinic for health care and doing better about educating themselves rather than succumbing to the constant advertising from drug companies that would have us believe that we cannot survive without them.

One of our sons is now a chiropractor, himself, and all of our family members try to live a healthy lifestyle as we have learned at the clinic. Thanks, Dr. Durrett.

Jane M.


Muscle Spasms Gone

Dr. Durrett and the staff have helped me by relieving my back pain and severe muscle spasms.

I've been coming for over ten years and the kindness and caring of Dr. Durrett and the staff are incredible. My health and life has benefitted from the experience.

I would like to tell others who might be uncertain about trying this approach for their health care needs that you will miss out on all benefits if you don't go to Dr. Durrett's clinic!

Janet L.


Conquering Chronic Problems

I first came to see Dr. Durrett at the suggestion of a friend.

Dr. Durrett helped me greatly with my back issues.

Since then she has been instrumental in helping me rebuild a very weakened immune system.

Dr. Durrett is now using the new BAX system to cure my long running allergies.

I am looking forward to enjoying a healthier body and mind thanks to the expertise of Dr. Durrett and her wonderful staff.

I am forever grateful for her diligence and encouragement.

Jean T.


Greater Mobility

First impression that I had of Dr. Durrett's office was of the office team meeting for a pre-day inspirational/motivational rally.  The staff is always polite, friendly, courteous and helpful.  They are also very flexible with helping you to find the best time to visit and receive treatment.  The staff is well informed on the benefits of health benefits.

After my treatments, I have greater mobility and less direct pain, especially in the neck.  I was on the way to having migraine headaches, which I have avoided by getting treatment with Dr. Durrett.

The largest difference between Dr. Durrett’s and other health care offices is you feel as if you are known and valued as an individual versus feeling like you are a number in a computer.

Johnene H.


Unexpected Extra

After receiving treatment at Dr. Durrett’s, I am feeling better.  Also, I noticed that the dark under my eyes, that I’ve had since I was a teenager, isGONE.  I can also sleep better.

Go Go Go Go to Dr. Durrett's office; it helps so many problems!

Karen J.


Fatigue Gone

My treatments at Dr. Durrett’s have helped banish my headaches and fatigue.  Also, I was having Acid reflux and gall bladder problems after my daughter’s birth.  I had some flair ups and was put on medication and told I needed surgery, but with adjustments and herbal products, they have both been under control.  No side effects from medications!

Karla G.



Success With Hair Loss

I brought my two year-old daughter to Durrett Chiropractic for hair loss.  She had been losing her hair for some time and nothing we had tried seemed to work.  At first it seemed to come out a strand at a time.  Then her hair started coming out in patches.  I tried to brush her hair to hide the bald spots and thought it could be stress-related as we had gone through a bad time.  Still, why wasn’t it growing back?

My mother had been to a chiropractor and thought perhaps it could help.  I was willing to try anything, although I couldn’t quite see how adjusting her spine was going to help.  With your child you want to do everything possible, so how could I not try.

I am pleased to say her hair is growing back and is pretty as ever.  We all want the best for our children.  Our children are always beautiful in our eyes, but it’s nice to see the outside reflect the inside.



Traveling  Comfortably Again

The biggest improvement I see is in my lower back.  When we would drive to Arkansas to visit my in-laws, a ten hour drive, I could barely get out of the car when we got there.  I hurt so badly that going to see them was really a pain.  The last two times we have driven there, I got out of the car with little or no pain.  The relief from back pain was done without drugs.

Dr. Durrett's office knows me by name which is a real difference from my other doctors.  I feel like Dr. Durrett really listens to me when I talk to her.

Kathy R.


No Surgery

I'm sure I have avoided surgery and some medication by seeing Dr. Durrett. 

 Nev D.


Stiffness Gone

I had continuous pain and stiffness in the upper and lower back regions.  The pain and stiffness in my upper and lower back have definitely improved -- and without surgery!I am also impressed with the very friendly, inviting and professional staff.

Ralph E.

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