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Trusted Ally

I first came to Dr. Durrett’s office because I was having problems breathing while cycling long distances.

Dr. Durrett showed me how my spine was involved in my problem and how nutrition played an important role in my body’s intake and distribution of oxygen during those rides.

I want to say, “Thank you!” to Dr. Sherry for taking the time to make my life better and for being such a trusted ally and friend.

Scott C.

Sleeping Again

I had severe pain in my neck and between my shoulder blades. The area soon became ‘hard as a rock’ and lost all feeling. I had trouble sleeping because of it, too.

Now, I feel better overall, all of the time!

Sharon C.

Ethical Care

At Dr. Durrett’s, I receive ethical care that gets to the root of the problem, so that I don’t have to keep coming back, over and over, for the same thing.

And it was wonderful that she would adjust my dog and make her feel much better.

Shelley B.

Success with Chronic Pain

I came to Durrett Chiropractic as I was in constant pain.  The pain limited every part of my life.  My entire body was in pain.  I never wanted to have to interact with others.  Now I can move around, take a walk, and even slow dance.

Sherry D.

A voided Tremendous Chronic Pain

I have had tremendous improvement in the degree of pain I am suffering, and I avoided tremendous chronic pain and eventual incapacity to function properly.

At Dr. Durrett’s, I have gotten much better results, more kindness and personal interest in my problem. I do not feel like just a number, which I unfortunately do in dealing with the medical field in general. Everyone’s attitude in your office is very refreshing and most appreciated.

Chris M.

Regained Hope

Before I went to Durrett Chiropractic, I was in terrible shape.  I had headaches daily for six years and constant back and neck pain.  I was in such a mess I also had irritable bowel syndrome, fatigue, insomnia, and fibromyalgia so bad I couldn’t stand to be touched for 10 years.  Along with all of that, I had anxiety problems, acid reflux, and had withdrawn socially, as I basically slept all the time.

I had been to several specialists, who prescribed medications for the IBS and fibromyalgia.   I was taking OTC pills for pain constantly.  I ate the pills like they were candy -- and that is also how well they seemed to work.  I drank Mylanta as if it were water to wash down my other myriad of pills.

I really had lost all hope.  The condition was controlling my life.  I was in a wheelchair on and off for the pain.  My sister had to come over to help me take care of my young son.  I was in such bad shape that even a breeze of air against my skin would cause pain.  My clothing was painful to wear.  I couldn’t even stand to be hugged.   I had felt 95 years old since I was 16.  My friends were out enjoying life, where I was supposed to be.

Now I am in no longer in a wheelchair.  I am able to clean my house and go for walks.  My IBS is better and I am off all medications.  I am able to live my life.  I know what it feels like to have a pain free day, week, even weeks.   I am now excited about life instead of simply enduring it.


Conquering Low Back Pain

I came to Durrett Chiropractic due to lower back pain I had for the past two years.  I took ibuprofen nightly just to sleep.  I had trouble with chores around the house like mowing the lawn, etc.  I thought the pain would go away, but after two years, I realized that wasn’t going to happen.

I had decided that I was just going to have to live with the pain.  My job required lots of physical labor and my hobby of riding motorcycles had become difficult.  I figured my competition days were over.

But now I am back to my old self. I feel great and can go back to doing the things I love.


Walking Tall

Within a couple of months of beginning treatment with Dr. Durrett, I eliminated anti-depression medication, and have not needed any other treatment for depression. For me, chiropractic treatment was part of a lifestyle change that included taking positive steps daily for my mental and physical well-being.

When I first began treatment, I was scheduled to have surgery to fuse bones in my feet due to constant pain. Treatment I received in this office reduced pain to a much more manageable level and I canceled the surgery.

Sandy P.

Regaining Smell

I have had a poor sense of smell for years.  I wasn’t really aware of the impact it had on my life.  After all, my hearing and sight were fine.  As far as senses go, if you have to lose one, this is the one you seem most able to do without.

I began care at Durrett Chiropractic for pain.  I paid attention to the explanation about the nerves controlling all aspects of bodily function, but didn’t really see what impact that could have for me.  I was here to feel better.

I went shopping to the grocery store with my wife a week after I had begun care.  I was overwhelmed by this strong smell.  I couldn’t figure out what it was.  I asked my wife who told me she didn’t smell anything out of the ordinary.  I insisted something didn’t smell ‘right’.  I followed the smell to the bread section.  I was smelling the bread!  I remarked how amazingly strong the bread smelled today.  She said that nothing smelled any different than usual and that ‘everyone’ could smell it as soon as they walked into the store.  Well, I had not smelled bread when I walked into a store for years.  I remembered the explanation of the impact of the function of nerves and realized although I had gone in to reduce pain, I had regained something entirely different that I had lost and thought I would never regain.


Intelligent Care

At Dr. Durrett’s office, they look at more than just the symptoms.  By coming here, I avoided more drugs the other doctors wanted to put me on. I really like the results that I have gotten -- they’re amazing!

Stefani F.

BRT Success With Hormones

I had enjoyed good health most of my life, but a few short years ago, my body began to shut down and nothing worked the way it should.  Severe exhaustion consumed me as unbelievable pain took over my entire body.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, my hair began falling out in clumps, my fingernails peeled off like tissue paper, my earring holes began oozing ‘stuff’, my body temperature was only 96.5, which meant I was always cold.  Before the ‘shutdown’, I weighed 125 lbs, then began to gain 5 to 20 lbs per year.

I knew something was seriously wrong but didn’t know the cause.  I normally don’t seek the help of medical doctors but finally went in for a check-up.  The doctor only prescribed me Premarin and said it should help, but nothing did.  I knew the thyroid affects the energy level so I asked my chiropractor to do a work-up.

Within two weeks on Body Restoration Technique (BRT) thyroid protocol, my body temperature settled at 98.5 degrees.  I knew then, I was on to something.

Now most days I have a lot of energy, most of the pain is gone, and my hair stopped falling out.  The BRT treatments have my lymphatic system open and working well.


Valuable Education

Other doctors do not provide knowledge while they are treating you for your illness.  It’s not just injections and surgery at Dr. Durrett’s.  The education behind the healing is tremendous!

John K.

Thirteen-Year Allergy Relief

I was on a slow decline of health.  I was a very active, athletic teenager, but I was suffering from chronic back pain, and it truly was starting to affect my quality of life.  My allergies made breathing difficult and it affected my sleep.  I would not be as happy or easygoing if I had continued with the sleep cycles I was used to before I had become a patient.

Dr. Durrett treated the whole me as an individual, not as an assembly line product.

Paul M.

Getting Rid Of The Walker

Before coming to Durrett Chiropractic, I had needed a cane at first.  Then I had moved up to two canes, until finally I had to use a walker to get around.  I moved to a facility that was handicap friendly so I could use a wheelchair, which was the next step in the cycle.

I was very limited in the medicines I could tolerate.  I could take pain medications but no anti-inflammatory drugs due to my heart.  The MD told me there was nothing else they could do and just take the pain medication.  I wasn’t satisfied with that answer.

Dr. Durrett has changed my life.  I went from the walker back to one cane, and then I was able to get around without it, even while walking my dog.  I never dreamed I could feel like this again.  I am able to go for long periods completely pain free.  I am back.



I had crippling fibromyalgia.  The regular doctor could do nothing for it; the pills she gave provided no relief, and certainly no solution.  After treatment at Dr. Durrett’s, I am almost entirely pain-free!

I am very grateful – you guys saved my life!


Restored To Life

First let me say how grateful I am that God put you and your associates in my life.  You have given me more support and encouragement than you will ever know.  Thank you for your kindness.  I was extremely lost physically and mentally when I met you all.  You gave me the belief that I could get better and you have really tried to help me.  That is way more than I can say for any other practitioner.  I was disheartened and very scared.  Now I believe I will be myself one day and although it has been a VERY long process and a rollercoaster, I wanted to tell you and the others thank you for your support.  I know that the 3-D scan told me that the magnesium deficiency was an issue and after my research I know this was the main issue.  I am hoping by doing everything well-rounded I can get back to life!

Overall I think the pain is better and I can tell I have more ‘life’ in me!

Jennifer S.

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