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Got Rid Of The Wheelchair

The MD had me taking pain pills for my knee and low-back pain, but I got no relief.

I was in a wheelchair when I first came to Dr. Durrett.  After a short time, I went to a walker, and with further treatment, I can now use a walking stick.

I no longer have low-back pain and my knees are not in constant pain.  My neck pain is gone, too.

I am so thankful for the great care I have received here.  I am able to walk now!  And I am free of so much of the pain I had.

Emmie F.

Eliminated Pain

I came in to Durrett Chiropractic for the month-long pain I had in my neck, back and shoulder.

After treatment, my pain is completely eliminated; I feel great all over.

Dr. Stephen W.

Breathing Easier

For the last ten years, I have suffered from breathing difficulty, backaches, heartburn and fatigue.  Cortisone shots, Pepcid, Tagamet, vitamins and bronchial dilators only provided temporary relief.

Since I started coming to Dr. Durrett’s, I am now breathing deeper and clearer than I have in years.  I haven’t had heartburn since the treatment began.  I wake up with no fatigue, and I feel rested.  My back pain has greatly diminished.

Debbie M.

Improvement After Auto Accident

The pain in my back and neck are gone!

Manuel M.

Banishing Headaches

For the past seven years, I have suffered with lower back pain and headaches.  I started treatment at Dr. Durrett’s with nineteen points of subluxation, and after twelve treatments, I only have five!

I have no more pain, more energy, I sleep better and I feel happier.  I feel great after years and years of pain.

Thank you so much for making me feel great!

Lisa P.

Chasing The Pain Away

I came in for treatment of whiplash pain, pain, pain from a car collision I was in three years earlier.  The staff’s warm compassion for my condition is what made me choose Dr. Durrett’s.

Since getting treatment at Durrett Chiropractic, I have a much brighter disposition because I’m not bothered by neck pain or severe headaches.  I have also stopped getting leg cramps in the middle of the night.

I am a firm believer; chiropractic works better than anything!

Laura P.

Healing From Surgery

After surgery for a ruptured disk and SI joint (pelvic sacroiliac joint) twenty years ago, I was still experiencing low-back pain.  I had leg numbness and couldn’t walk without pain.

After only two treatments, I was up and running.  I feel great!  I can walk without pain, and am no longer taking the pills which only knocked me out.  The staff here at Durrett Chiropractic Clinic have gotten me out of discomfort.

Donald C.

Freed From The Back Brace

For more than a year, I have been using back braces and muscle relaxers to deal with a work-related injury, but that only caused me more pain and less mobility.  Thirty tablets a day of Aleve wasn’t really helping either.

After my treatments at Durrett Chiropractic, I’ve got no more meds, no pain and I’m able to work out.  I do gymnastics, soccer, swimming -- any sport I can join.  I feel better all the time, I have more energy, better health and less asthma problems.

Marci L.

Migraine Solution

I’ve experienced migraines since first grade, and have been experiencing pain and numbness in my right arm for a month.  The MD gave me headache medicine and sleeping pills, and I also tried Tylenol, but they did nothing.

Since getting treatment at Dr. Durrett’s, my headaches have stopped and I have been able to sleep without meds.  Additionally, my back is more limber than it has been in years.

I wish I had done this sooner!

Kathryn M.

Ending Decades Of Pain

For the last eighteen years, I have had pain in my lower back, neck and right shoulder.  The MD had me on so many medications!  They helped for a while, but didn’t solve the problem.

Now, I have no more pain and am off all medication.  My pain is improved, and my Irritable Bowel Syndrome is cured!  I don’t swell up anymore after I eat, and I can eat just about anything now.

I love Dr. Durrett; she is a wonderful person and a great doctor.  I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for all the great health benefits from chiropractic!

Lacy L.

Digestive Health Recovered

I have had constipation problems for years, and the medications the MD gave me only worked for a few weeks.  I was afraid to see the specialist he recommended, so I tried chiropractic instead.

I thought it would take a few months for my constipation to go away with chiropractic treatment, since I’ve had this problem for years.  It took less than a week for my constipation to stop.

I had also been having chronic headaches, which disappeared by the third day of treatment.

I am very glad I came to Dr. Durrett, since I hate taking medicine and do not like x-rays and blood tests.  I am happy that I am well without any pills.

Ingrid D.

Wellness For A Pet

Sprout had trouble walking, fell frequently, and couldn’t get up.  The veterinarian recommended rest and medication, but there was no improvement.

After treatment with Dr. Durrett, Sprout’s improvement is remarkable!  No more falling down, and he can RUN!

Teresa M.

Allergy Cure

I suffered from allergies for three years.  The MD said there was no cure, and prescribed medicine for symptom relief.

After a week of care at Durrett Chiropractic, I can breathe.  My nose isn’t stopped up.

Yi L.

Regained Mobility

I came in for low-back pain and a left leg that wouldn’t move.  I cried every time I walked.

Since my adjustments, the low back is doing so much better and I can now walk without pain.  Thank you, Dr. Durrett, for all your wonderful care!

Lela M.


I was in excruciating pain for six months.  Vitamins and muscle relaxers didn’t help much.  The pain was so great that I wanted to die.

I will live!  And I’ve also lost twelve pounds so far.

Gerlinde L.

No More Stomach Pain

I have had stomach and back pain for four years.  After coming to Dr. Durrett’s for a week, my stomach problems have decreased substantially, and my back no longer hurts first thing in the morning.

Leslie H.

Shocking Recovery

After suffering an electrocution, I had headaches, and neck and shoulder pain, with twenty-seven points of subluxation.

Since treatment at Durrett Chiropractic, my subluxations are down to five, my headaches are gone, and I have no more pain in my neck; the pain in my shoulder that used to run all the way to my fingertips is cured; no more sciatica pain in my lower back.

I have a renewed personality from feeling so much better!  Even my self-esteem has improved.

I have grown to love and appreciate everyone here.  The staff is so professional, real and helpful.

Linda M.

Spine And Knee Improvement

Three years ago, I started noticing pain in my knee, back and neck.  Over time, it got worse.

After my treatments with Dr. Durrett, my knee is getting better and my spine doesn’t hurt any more.  My subluxations are down from thirty-three to four, and I feel a lot more relaxed.

Harvey D.

New Lease On Life

For four years, I suffered with numbness and pain in my leg.  Dr. Durrett treated me, and I got better.  Then, six months ago, I was in a wreck and the earlier symptoms returned.

After only a few adjustments, the pain and numbness are gone again.  I can feel my leg!  To me, this is a true miracle; I thought my leg would be numb forever.  Whoever said chiropractic doesn’t work has never experienced the benefits of it.

Maxine C.

Curing A Limp

I came in for a knee joint problem that caused me to limp.

After treatment, my knee feels better and I don’t limp anymore. And as a bonus, my neck is no longer so stiff.

Mike G.

Freedom From Neck Pain

I have had neck pain and headaches for the past four years.  I was taking fifteen to twenty Advil a day.

Once I received treatment at Durrett Chiropractic, my neck feels great, my headaches are gone, and I no longer feel so tired all the time.

Bret K.

500% Better

I came in for treatment because I had extreme pain in the lowest part of my back.

After treatment, I feel 500% better!  I can truly say I am pain-free.  The constant indigestion I had is gone.  The dizzy spells I had are gone.  My feet are better, too.  I can sleep so much better now; previously, I would experience heartburn all through the night.  I feel great, and the warm, compassionate care I am receiving here is just wonderful!                 

I am so happy with my results!  I truly have the highest respect for Dr. Durrett.  I enjoy coming in for my appointments.  The staff here is very caring.  This is a godsend for me and I am so grateful!

Brenda K.

Holding My Head Straight

Since birth, I have had stiffness and tightness in the left side of my neck, and I couldn’t hold my head straight.

The MD told me to do exercises, and hope it would correct itself.  There was a small improvement for a short time, then it got worse.

After my treatments wit Dr. Durrett, I can hold my head straight all the time, I have less stiffness, more mobility and less tenderness.  I also sleep better at night.

Emilie Y.

Pain-Free Mobility

Three months ago, I went to an MD for back and neck pain and stiffness.  The MD gave me slim hope and had no recommendations for me.

After my first treatment at Durrett Chiropractic, I noticed a good result.  I have steadily improved, and now have more movement with less pain.  I wish I came here three months ago!

William F.

No More High Blood Pressure

Since receiving treatment with Dr. Durrett, my blood pressure stays low, I feel a lot better in general, and I can work longer hours.  I also don’t have back problems anymore.

I would recommend chiropractic to anyone wishing to maintain their health.

Timothy F.

Solution For Pain

Dr. Durrett has cured my headaches, neck and back pain.

Munaza S.

Recovered Strength

I strained my back playing basketball two years ago, and have struggled with it ever since.

After treatment at Durrett Chiropractic, I have total recovery!  I’m back to 100% strength.  I look forward to weekly adjustments now; they help relieve any aches or pain in my neck or back.

My four children now come regularly with me; they also look forward to weekly adjustments.

Bobby F.

Hand Numbness Cured

I’ve had tingling and pain from my elbow all the way down my forearm to my hand and numbness in my palm and fingers for years.  The MD said the only fix was surgery, but since I know surgery always creates problems of its own, I kept putting it off.

In one manipulation, the doctor seated my arm correctly in the shoulder socket and the problems dropped to almost nothing right away, and have stayed fixed.

Being able to feel my fingers again is miraculous, and not having my arm cut open to get it is pretty much priceless.


Cared For Feet

My children and I love Chiropractic.  I have been using chiropractic care for about 10 years now and I have benefited greatly from it.  I injured my feet back in May of this year and also was in need of a new Chiropractor.  I found your office via the internet and found out that you  were a colleague of my former doctor that passed away and that made me feel right at home in your office.  Since then, you and your staff have helped me tremendously with my feet and with other issues that I had no idea that were creeping up in my life. I am now bringing in my children so that they can benefit from the love and wellness that you and your staff provide.  I hope and pray that by this next year I will be able to get my husband into your office to get the care he needs.  Please keep doing what you do and keep up the positive atmosphere that you and your staff provide to us all.  Life can get pretty stressful and just coming into your office puts a smile on my family’s face every time and we leave feeling so much better.

Your Patient for Life,


Striving For Excellence

From the day she walked through the door of our office as a patient and high school senior interested in a career in the medical field, to the day she went into practice as a Doctor of Chiropractic, Sherry Bollinger Durrett has exemplified all the special qualities that we all would want and expect in an exceptional practitioner.

Her loving, caring, helping attitude and not just to patients, is such a special quality.  Plus, she has always made sure she was the “state of the art” in new techniques and procedures in patient care.  Our comment is that while we were on our way to seminars or “vacationing with friends,” I would be reading a car magazine and PF would be reading Vogue and both Durretts would be reading Chiropractic publications or research, always looking for that excellence.

In our 42 years of practice, we have had many doctors and staff members through our office and our gage of their excellence after 30 plus years, since she was with us, is Dr. Sherry Durrett, and only a few have measured up to her standards, the best being our son in law.

Our Love,

Dr. JF and PF

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