Reviews From Our Patients

  • "Incredible service!!

    Dr. Durrett and her team are absolutely amazing. They offer such a breadth and depth of care that is utterly unrivaled. Dr. Durrett has helped me with everything from colds to back pain and I could not be more grateful for the office's friendly and loving environment. I cannot recommend them highly enough!!"
    Demme D.
  • "This is the best Chiropractic group. This group of chiropractors do so much more than an adjustment. They are skilled in various alternative techniques to deal with issues such as hormone therapy, allergies, acupuncture, sport injury and much more.

    After being told by traditional medicine that I needed sinus surgery and when I read the possible side effects, I knew it was time to find a new treatment plan. In my research, I found Dr. Durrette.

    It has been a blessing for myself and my family. We have been going to this office from over 10 years. Our health has improved.

    I highly recommend this office. Professional, Skilled, and Friendly."
    Cynthia M.
  • "Durrett Chiropractic gave me hope, when I was out of options. I had been to all these MD's, who had no answers for me. One look at my X-rays and a couple of quick tests, and they were able to pinpoint the issue. They have been a lifesaver, and I give them my highest recommendation."
    Mat D.
  • "I feel very comfortable every time I come in, Such lovey ladies !!!! Definitely feel like therapy is helping me a lot. They will help with pain in a very healthy and natural way"
    Alexandra Euyoque
  • "If your are looking for a place to help you get out of pain or to increase your health, best place to go. They are incrediblebly knowledgable and skilled in all aspects of the body. I am extremely satisfied with the incredible care I have received!"
    Christina Alexander
  • "Amazing office with a hot new doctor! Highly recommend!"
    Stephen Anderson
  • "From the time I walked into the office to the time I left, nothing but a positive experience. I felt that the Dr's treated me as a whole person, and not just a condition. They were thorough, caring and educated me on why I was there. My outcome has been great I took advantage of many of the advanced services they offer. I would highly recommend. I have referred many friends and family who have all reported same experience."
    dave barrett
  • "The staff here is very helpful & courteous. They're also very informative. Most doctors offices don't educate their patients but this place does a great job. Great environment! :)"
    Mahvish Shakil
  • "THE ABSOLUTE BEST CHIROPRACTORS IN HOUSTON! If I could give it a higher rating than a 5 star I would! I injured my knee working out doing Insanity, I walked into this office limping and when I walked out I was able to walk better. I was so grateful as to how amazing my first visit was. I'm still receiving treatment here and feel so blessed that I found this place. Dr. Durrett and Dr. West are both very passionate about helping and educating their patients. The entire staff here is very welcoming, professional, with a very clean and comfortable office space. They offer so many other services here as well. I HIGHLY recommend this office."
    Nelly G
  • "The doctors and staff are caring and very competent. They are knowledgeable and experienced in what they do. Dr. Sherry and Dr. West are a great team and I highly recommend them for care."
    Pain Relief & Wellness Center
  • "Staff is highly competent. Many are chiropractors, helping each other from constant update learning all over the world. The remaining staff is equally devoted to being up to date with the finest, automated systems and methods to provide excellent doctor to patent care without being pushy."
    unTaxiJack Trusted
  • "Our family has been going to Dr. Durrett for 3 years now. They are a blessing to our family. Our young children enjoy visiting and feel very comfortable with the ENTIRE staff. They give back to their patients at various functions, during the various holidays and anniversary dates. Their hours are great, services are varied, the atmosphere is relaxing, they provide education for personal growth, and they work really hard to keep a team spirit. Despite a society that CRAVES instant gratification without personal responsibility, they strive to serve EVERY need of EVERY person that walks in through the door without prejudice. I love this about them and very grateful that they are helping folks be proactive over their health. Will continue to as patients."
    Luisa Hernandez
  • "Durrett Chiropractic has been a God Send for me. I've been going to them for a little over a year. Upon my first visit, I had many debilitating health problems for 10 years prior to coming the wellness center. I am amazed that after two years, I have my life back. I look forward to getting my maintenance adjustments because I know when I come out, I'll feel good as new. I recommend the team to everyone. I'm so thankful to have found my very own chiropractic clinic."
    Christie Wilson Williams
  • "This group goes above and beyond the call of duty to help their patients. Every time I go to see the doctors, they all show utmost respect and interest. They take time to listen! I never feel as though they are rushing me out of their treatment area. Quite the opposite! Dr. Durrett opens her day with an encouraging meeting that pumps up her staff (if you get there early, you are able to hear the up-beat plans for the day!)

    I live quite far. I have gone to several other doctors closer to me, just to see if I could find a fit. While those were good doctors, THESE ARE GREAT. They have actively worked with me to get my body from a condition of falling apart to be stronger than I ever thought possible, so I am now able to work full-time and keep up with my grandchildren. Thank you, Guys! You are the epitome of the patient's doctor, and the best day of my life as it pertains to this body (and my spirit, you know!) was the day I met you all."
    Sharon Johnson
  • "My daughter and I have been Durrett patients for over 3 years and they have changed our lives. With their guidance I made significant lifestyle changes and reversed my type 2 Diabetes and got off my medications. Dr. Durrett is a hero in my eyes, along with Tami and all the wonderful Dr's and staff. I feel great after every visit physically and emotionally! If you're looking for a natural approach to better health this is the place for you!"
    Jeanne Badillo
  • "I have been visiting Cheryl Hinds for her services since 2008. She is very thorough and informative. I always leave feeling balanced and relieved. I will continue to use her services and will refer her to anyone I know needing her help. Thank you Cheryl!

    And the staff at the office is very pleasant and helpful. Great team!

    Angela Hill"
    Angela Garrett
  • "Cheryl West is the BEST!!!! Many people don't understand that chiropractic care isn't just a "5 minute fix" it takes therapy and time to correct YEARS of damage that we've caused to our spines. Not necessarily from one specific event, but from daily wear and tear on our bodies.

    I've got to say in the years I've known Cheryl, since 2009, she's helped me broaden my knowledge spectrum. When we first met, I thought that if you got sick, you went to the Dr and got a pill, which sometimes didn't work and you ended up needing another one.... Well... I've learned from Cheryl that everything stems from our spines. So, doesn't it make sense to start "fixing" the problem where it starts?

    The entire staff at Durrett is kind, compassionate and most importantly, knowledgeable. Thank you, Cheryl, for broadening my horizons! <3"
    Tricia Williams
  • "This is by far the best chiropractic clinic I have ever been treated at. The entire staff is very professional and highly informative. They educate you as to what treatment you're receiving and why you're getting the treatment. I would highly recommend this place to everyone."
    Yazmin Camacho
  • "This is one of the best places I've ever been this chiropractor takes away your headaches lets you sleep no pain pills it is wonderful I advise everybody to come here I'm very happy this is one been one of the best places I've ever been and the people that work here are beautiful ladies very kind and gentle."
    Dolores Villarreal
  • "Best alternative to surgery around. Many of these doctors out there and many I wouldn't suggest but this place is easily the best I have every been to. In years I have gone they have helped me with a ruptured disk, injured knee, and neck pain.

    The staff is top quality and well organized."
    Douglas Chachere Jr
  • "Dr. Durrett and her caring staff listen to you and determine a plan of action to resolve your issues. Results can be immediate depending on what is being treated or take time to all depends on the complexity of the issue. Dr. Durrett and her staff are knowledgeable, professional, warm and caring individuals. I have been a satisfied patient of theirs for over 6 of the best in the area!"
    Deniz Boyd
  • "One of the best Chiropractic Clinics around. I have been a patient for several years and they have a very knowledgable staff of qualified professionals, who legitimately care for all of their patients. They are constantly striving to give you the best possible treatment to improve your total body health and maintain it. I would and have recommended them to several people I know and will continue to do so."
    Tom Miller
  • "Extremely caring and compassionate group of health care providers! They always kept me and my family informed whether related to cost of treatment or the immediate and long term goals of treatment. They offer a large variety of holistic modalities that comprehensively addressed each member of my family's problems."
    Denise Ertel-Moore
  • "Great place with great doctors and staff. I tell everyone I know about this place if they are looking for results and providers who care."
    Lou Woelfel
  • "I have gotten care from Cheryl, and experienced immediate relief from my headaches and sinus issues. The relief was within minutes of my adjustment. I would suggest her care to anyone who wants to heal, but wants to do things the natural way. I strongly suggest her services! (I have neck pain right now, and if I was anywhere near Houston, I would be scheduling an appointment with her today!)"
    Cynamon Scott
  • "I have used Cheryl whenever I am in the Houston area ( traveling salesman) for years and she always gives me great service with a professional attitude. I always enjoy going to her and see her smiling face light up when she first sees me. She handled a chronic condition I had had, and is just a great Chiro to boot."
    bill muldoon
  • "The people at this clinic have changed my life! Initially, I started going to help regulate my thyroid, among other medical issues that I was having. Now, I go weekly, to maintain my wellness. I owe my current good health, to the entire staff at the Durrett clinic. They are like family to me!"
    ana alexander
  • "Always an awesome experience lots of fun people with great attitudes and the ability to get you fixed quickly. The strap n stretch table is the best!
    Get you back crack on at Durrett Chyro."
    Clean Sweep
  • "My 5 year old daughter came in because she was having issues with allergies. Not only were we aw to handle this in office with no drugs but my daughter and I fell in love with the staff. No more allergies for us. They do an awesome job!"
    Katy Dudley
  • "I have been receiving treatments at Durrett Chiropractic for many years. The staff is always so friendly and treat me like family. Their fees are reasonable and they treat anything from the common cold to the worst disease imaginable. They are my doctors for everything."
    Sandra West
  • "By far one of the most positively life-changing expeiences I have ever had.

    The staff are bright, caring, professional people who are experts in their field - this is evident in the amount of time they spend with and care they provide to each of their patients. My family and I have had nothing but wonderful expeirences here.

    Durrett Chiropractic & Natural Health Care and Wellness is the place I count on to keep the health of me and my family in check and properly aligned so we can stay active in the game of life!

    Thank you to all the wonderful staff! So glad to have you in my personal network of reliable health-care professioanls!"
    Reuben Dudley
  • "Our family has been treated by all the doctors at Durrett Chiropractic for twenty years. We have had positive results with a tailbone injury, after accidents, lower back trouble, adrenal gland fatigue, and allergies. We have always been pleased with not only our physical results but also with the care and concern from the doctors and staff."
    Karla Glass
  • "My husband & I, as well as all 4 of our children have been patients of Durrett Chiropractic. We've always been treated with exceptional care by the entire staff. My oldest son had ADHD (diagnosed at 9) & he went through years of doctors testing multiple perscription medications on him trying to find the right combination. When he was 17 he no longer wanted to take the perscriptions. After speaking in depth with the treatment coordinator, a plan was put into place to facilitate that. He received additional treatments & we were able to get him off of perscription medications. Our entire family has better overall health thanks to the care we received from Durrett."
    Megan Lonnon
  • "I've been a patient of DURRETT CHIROPRACTIC for years, I love, love, love Dr Durrett, Dr West and all the staff.
    I was referred to chiropractic care when primary care dr could help relieve pain I was having, and the "drugs" he prescribed didn't help... I thank God I found Durrett Chiropractic. the care the staff gives is beyond what I have experience any where else. over time I came to rely on Dr Durrett and her clinic for other treatments. I referred family and friends.
    since moving from Houston, I am considering a trip to Houston just so I can go get treatments.
    Rita Curb
  • "I've been going to the chiropractor at Durrett Chiropractic for about 18 months now. I've used chiropractic care for about 25 years. Their office is about 45-60 minutes from my home. I have had relief from TMJ & trigeminal nueralgia through the care at this clinic.

    They have the most friendly & professional atmosphere that I've encountered in all the chiropractic clinics I've been to. the care has been exceptional. The doctors go above and beyond just doing adjustments. I have referred many people to this clinic. The drive through houston traffic is worth the benefits. I am extremely selective in who I receive adjustments from.

    In the last 6 months, my husband has started receiving care here as well. He has had SIGNIFICANT improvement in his back and his hand (botched surgery). He has gained more range of motion and feels much less pain and discomfort than before treatments here."
    Jessie Miles
  • "Dr Sherry is awesome, highly recommended."
    Sunny Gill
  • "This is the chiropractic ofice that has relieved my pain and hubbys pain. so thankful for them!!!"
    Susan Montez
  • "Wonderful doctors and staff."
    tiny donut ooo
  • "Great results after only a few visits."
    Glenn Lamb
  • "Went to 4 similar and none of them have been able to fix the pain."
    roumaldo montez II
  • "Very helpful!"
    Imelda Garcia
  • "Great experience, service, and true professionals."
    Kathy Morgan
  • "Finally found the clinic that treats the entire person!"
    Marisela Rodriguez

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