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Infratonic Sound Therapy

Cellular Trauma Causes Pain and Inflammation

When dealing with chronic pain, you must understand the underlying cause for pain. The principal cause of pain is inflammation. When our body's cells become traumatized by injury, surgery, chemical attack, or even strong emotions, they often go into shock, or cellular trauma, and start producing inflammatory chemicals in a desperate call for help. Unfortunately, these chemicals not only cause pain, but also interfere with the healing process.

The unpredictable sound waves of the Infratonic 8000 sound therapy, however, effectively dissolve cellular trauma, helping to stop excess inflammation and promotes pain relief more quickly. As the cells stop producing inflammatory chemicals, they begin generating healing chemicals that pave the way toward accelerated recovery. The Infratonic sound therapy provides fast, long lasting and natural pain relief from most acute issues and those caused by dealing with chronic pain. With no side effects, the Infratonic sound therapy can be used with all other pain relief technologies.


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